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VELUX is a Danish manufacturing company that specializes in roof windows and skylights. The company is headquartered in Hørsholm, Denmark.

Kim Bishop mentioned, "I am so disappointed in the VELUX skylight! Very little light coming in and it gives off a garish blue hue that is like a scene from a horror movie in a creepy hospital. I hate it!"


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Shipping and Receiving Clerk/Material Handler (Former Employee) says

"it takes you 5 years to get to top pay and they dont have airconditioning in the distribution center. they let their lead men work over on saturdays to boss the temps around while they take naps at their desks.I still cant believe I wasted 8 years of my life working at this horrible place."

Chargée de développement (Former Employee) says

"Le poste proposé le jour de l’entretien chargé de développement, n’est pas celui que j’ai occupée, pendant 2 mois, ou j’ai fais que de la prospection depuis un tableau Excel, pas de formation, pas d’instructions, nous sommes livrés à nous même. Nouvelle manager qui a débutée en janvier 2019, incompétente, mal organisée, prends plusieurs poses dans la journée, elle ne fait pratiquement que ça et sur la défensive en plus, par contre quand il s’agit de virer les employés desquelles se sent en danger, elle deviens très compétentes avec le soutien des Rh.Corbeilles de fruits, les locaux, cantine pas chèresManager, salaire, les mauvais jugements, hypocrisie de certains anciens employés, Rh"

operator maszyn (Former Employee) says

"Nie polecam pracy w zakładzie w Namyslowie marne zarobki wysokie normy produkcyjneżadneNiskie zarobki jak na tyle tyrania"

Przedstawiciel Handlowy (Former Employee) says

"Nie polecam! Trzy rozmowy- jedna przez skype, druga z RDS , trzecia w Warszawie - okazuje się,że po rozmowie w Warszawie nikt prędzej nie zauważył (podczas rozmowy skype i z RDS), że osoba ubiegająca się o prace nie spełnia oczekiwań firmy bo nie ma doświadczenia z klientami inwestycyjnymi - trochę dziwne, cały proces rekrutacji w przeciągu tygodnia, wydawałoby się,że można spodziewać się pozytywnej odpowiedzi. Wymagania to oni mają,ale pieniądze to za tym nie idą!brakrozmowy rekrutacyjne"

Operator wózla widłowego (Current Employee) says

"ciezka praca na magazynie ktora jest sprzeczna z zasadami bhp"

Delivery driver (Former Employee) says

"The company had a great 401k plan. The hrs were great. The Manager was a total Jerk, basically why I left.The company turns a blind eye to his treatment of employees. Their human resources is a joke.401k retirement planBad Manager!"

Assistant planning SAV - effectif 10 (Former Employee) says

"A fuite Management inexistant ou favoritisme Ambiance que fille mais qui on un QI de primaire Aucune intégration de la part de l’équipe ni de du responsable Organisation : nul mauvaise gestion des dossiers du coup des clients furieux et des délais d’interventions interminables Salaire : pas faramineux Évolution : faut pas être pressé Ambiance : nulHorairesPas davantage"

Gestionnaire (Former Employee) says

"Postes à siège éjectables sans chercher à remettre de l’ordre pour nouveaux arrivants dans l’équipe.Corbeilles fruitsHippocrisie intense des anciens, salaire"

CHEF D EQUIPE VELSOL (Former Employee) says

"tributaire des decisions de velux societe danoise et environnement qui ne favorise pas l epanouissement personneljoli cadremanagement du personnel a revoir"

Warehouse Technician (Former Employee) says

"Loaded Trucks with various destination up with skylighter windows. Not a bad job just didn't pay much hot in the summer cold in the winter a great shift 7am to 7pm, but couldn't advance and achieve the goals I wanted to for myself with this postition.Good shift great for a single mandon't pay enough money to take care a family of four"

Acrylic band and chop saw operator (Current Employee) says

"None I wish to talk about Very unhappy with management and policy's. Work constantly with few breaks, constantly being watched. Called in to office with others and humiliated...donuts on ThursdayVery unorganized"

pracownik produkcji (Former Employee) says

"brak stalej umowy o prace mimo zdobytych umiejetnosci,brak wspolpracy miedzy ludzmiswieze owoce codzienniebrak stalego zatrudnienia"

Mig Welder/Powder Coating (Current Employee) says

"I mostly weld, my work area is not that bad. I moving locations and have the skills to MiG weld, so I'm in search of a good welding job. The work place is okay but just need to be around more people with a better mind set."

Assembly Line Worker (Former Employee) says

"Velux is a below average paying job that will not allow you to advance. You have to wait 5 years to get vacation days, only one week! The schedule is great."

Packer Operator/assembly worker (Former Employee) says

"Mostly hot some time no water bottles on the floor management most of the time didn't have anything right but I learned a lot and the hardest part was finding out we have to work on the weekend a day beforePaid spring break offNever knew what to expect"

Forklift Operator (Former Employee) says

"Quick Learner Natural leader Safety-oriented Fork Lift Operator Certified Customer-service focused Lifts up to 60-100 pounds Multi-tasker Packing and scanning orders Results-oriented Shipping and receiving Strong communication skills Familiar with RF systems Fluent in English and Spanish SAP Experience"

National House builder manager (Current Employee) says

"4 - 5 meetings per day commercial experience intense training the team / great staff expect overnight results unrealistic targets sell the dream / reality sinks in"

læs overskrift (Former Employee) says

"Det er og bliver en privatsag imellem arbejdsgiver og mig."

Assembly Line Worker/Packer (Current Employee) says

"its a lot of workers in there with experience so you will learn the right way, everybody willing to help you cause you all got to work as a team to get production"

Material resource specialist/buyer (Former Employee) says

"Overall good work environment, with good co-workers who are always eager to help out. Management is approachable and available to talk."

mark harison says

"product used to be awesome, now its just garbage, very cheap. The instructions are totally useless, how hard is it to write a step by step guide in every language. No info on how to split the top hung windows, cheap wood is cracked where fixed, glue joints failing out of the box and to add insult to injury the sizing is +- 5mm!!, utter rubbish, so a 940 wide window is around 945ish. I just spent 1600 on this garbage, very disappointed."

Dan Sinclair Taylor says

"Bought what I thought was a beautiful and very expensive double Cabrio balcony system. It arrived and was installed without me being in the house due to covid and when i came back To view the finished install, I saw that it was in fact a single balcony alongside a standard window! I have spent 6 months trying to get this resolved with Velux and they have concluded that and I quote “Velux is happy, and does not think it is misleading, to market and sell to consumers a product titled “CABRIO Double Balcony” that is actually a single balcony and single window” Their reasoning: that if you dig into the detailed description you can decipher the product codes to see it is intact just one balcony. Absolute joke for £4,000 spent. Will he reporting to trading standards."

Lee Arrowsmith says

"Absolutely a crap company the windows leak water and one of the windows doesn't close, I moved in to a new build and at least 15 other people from the estate have had the same problem. Spoke to them several times and waited 11months for them to come to fix the problem and still waiting. Would not recommend at all"

Zoe says

"Why would Velux sell flashing kit without the felt collar? You dont find this out until step 7 of fitting instructions by which time you have a hole punched in the roof and a two day wait for relevant part. Very poor indeed."

Paul Moreira says

"Bad experience here in Portugal. I would like to contact Velux international, complait department. You return an item and it is not excepted because theres a part missing, so I have to pay for that part if I want to use the window which never came with the window (€55) and you are charged €117 for transportation, you complain and they just don´t care they have your money so your stuck with the window."

jacqueline swaine says

"Purchased an insect screen 3 years ago it is just out of the warranty period but i didn't realise that there was anything wrong until i noticed insects were coming into my bedroom during the hot weather. On inspection i found that the screen had come away from the rim in places and there were a couple of small hole in it. Very disappointed with the quality of the blind I expected it to last much longer. I sent photos to Customer Services and their response was that something had gone into it and caught it. ? it is on a loft window above my bed? So basically tough."

Karen Serjeantson says

"skylight not suitable for NZ conditions. Started leaking after 8 years. Leaking was not the seal as I had it resealed. Has to be replaced, so expensive for 8 years especially when you include installation."

Constantine Kambitsis says

"Several months ago I ordered a total of 12 Velux windows (and EDN flashings) for a house I am building. It was ordered via my local Ridgeons who kindly agreed to store the windows until my house was ready for them to be fitted. When the order arrived I checked it and noticed that intead of 4 x MK04 EDN and 1 x PK04 EDN flashings, they had packaged and delivered 5 x MK04 EDN flashings. The correct order was placed by Ridgeons but according to Velux's packaging report the incorrect items were packaged and sent. I informed Ridgeons of this on 5th June, 2020 - the same day the windows were delivered. Ridgeons informed me they have tried to contact the local Velux rep regarding this matter but they had not been particularly responsive. I subsequently called Velux Cutomer Services department and they have informed me that some members of staff have been furloughed due to Covid, and this might explain the lack of response. They informed me that the correct flashing could be delivered in 2 working days if necessary. However, in order to make the necessary exchange, they needed Ridgeons to confirm what I had told them and provide an order number. Despite Ridgeons best efforts Velux have continued to be unresponsive and I have now been informed that they cannot switch the incorrect MK04 flashing with a correct PK04 flashing until 25th June. This is of little use to me because my roofer is due to finish the roof on 19th June and move onto another job. Apparently, Velux don't have any of these flashings in stock anywhere in the UK. My project will now stall and I supect I will have to pay my roofer an additional fee to come back and finish my roof. If there are any further delays on the delivery of this flashing (watch this space!) I will have to postpone the installation of my windows and I am advised by my window fitters that there is a 6-week waiting list for installations if you miss your slot. Each and every week my build is delayed, it will cost me in the region of £400. Thanks Velux. My advice to anyone buying rooflights is to consider installing Keylite or Fakro windows."

Lincoln Cleak says

"Good luck! If you've never installed one before don't bother. It's infuriating. All of the manuals and documentation are outdated. The flashing kit if needlessly complex and very cheaply made. Getting the window sash back in is the most counter intuitive process imaginable and of course there's no instructions on how to do it. Makes for hard work holding a 50kg window above your head on a sloped roof."

jonathan rowe says

"So we had a remote control flat roof window installed on refurbishment of our house about 5 years ago. Since then, I've been through SIX remote controllers which all BREAK within a year. This controller has now been discontinued and I need to buy 2 different controllers. And now, the window REFUSES to open. Over 5 years it's been opened about 20 times max each summer, so 100 operations later the stupid thing is DEFUNCT and TOTALLY USELESS. The ONLY saving grace is that it's stuck in the CLOSED postion. This is a part of the fabric of the house, and will require scaffolding and extensive works to replace. I was hoping that an item designed to be built into the fabric of a house would be well engineered and have a reasonable life span of perhaps 20 years??? NO SUCH THING ... DON'T BUY A REMOTE CONTROL ROOF WINDOW FROM VELUX .... TOTAL WASTE OF MONEY"

Geraldine Flanagan says

"Waited patiently on delivery due yesterday. Advised today that my order is en route to Dubai instead of NI. Im naturally disappointed and have lost confidence. So I've cancelled it. Only @5000 miles difference and further delays to delivery schedules. Hope this wasn't the impact from Brexit or Coronavirus restrictions."

Andy Wal says

"Had velux blinds installed before we moved into a property they stayed happily for about ten years when we decided to replace as they weren't really that nice of a pattern. They were installed incredibly poorly which i guess wasn't veluxs fault but i suspect the new blinds have a poor design as the installer complained about them and after three years they have gotten disgusting somehow despite being looked after the same way as the previous blinds. On top of that they've stopped selling the gorgeous pattern we had so now have to have mismatched windows or replace windows that don't need doing yet, very annoying."

Bryan D says

"I have fitted Velux windows to homes for over 35 years, I have gradually viewed the changes made to windows, as to undermine the excellent engineering and design of once a brilliant product. From changes to opening mechanisms and most infuriating the change to the winder position to top opening window. It must be clearly obvious that it is a major error of judgment by designers that it just does not operate as good as original design. The position in older windows did not require any extra parts to make operation simple and user friendly.I think the fact Velux had to make a knuckle Joint to replace supplied eyelet would prove this. Needless to say it is at an extra cost to owners. I just installed an electric MO 8 with a solar blockout blind ( you cannot purchase an electric blind any more) And to my dismay the controller has been change. You now need a seperate controller for window and another for blind. What is going on Velux. For a company that thrived on design and quality, I find it shameful that a few changes can make a great product mediocre"

Mr J says

"Purchased two Velux blinds. Compared to previous purchases, the quality was quite mediocre, so would certainly explore alternative brands next time and certainly wouldn't pay full price. Installation instruction. pretty straight forward as long as you pay attention, and screwdriver tool included. ****** External packaging should contain a warning about sharp pieces of trim - cut myself pulling out the aluminium trim-pieces from box. *****"

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